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GST Professional Training in Ahmedabad

GST Professional Training

This course is designed to provide trainees with a firm grounding of GST concepts. Trainees will be exposed to real-life examples to build up their practical knowledge and analysis of GST obligations.

Basic Level Of GST Professional Training

Course Outline
  1. GST at a Glance
    1. Basic Concept of GST, Important Definitions
  2. Applicability and Registration
    1. Mandatory / Voluntary Registration
    2. Casual and Non-Resident Registration
  3. Levy, Collection and Exemption From Tax
  4. The concept of E-Commerce Operator, Composition, Job Worker, and Input Service Distributor
  5. Accounts and Record
    1. Issuing Tax Invoice, Debit Note and Credit Note
    2. Recording GST related transactions
    3. Maintaining Accounts and Record under GST
  6. Calculation of Tax Liability and Input Tax Credit
    1. Tax Liability on supply
    2. Eligibility and conditions for taking input tax credit
    3. Availability of credit in special circumstances
  7. Payment of Taxes (Online Process)
    1. Online Payment of tax, interest, penalty and other amounts
    2. Interest on delayed payment of tax

Course Duration: 10 Hours & Fees: Rs. 5000/- ONLY

Advance Level Of GST Professional Training

Course Outline
  1. Overview of GST
    1. Introduction of GST, Definitions
    2. Meaning and Scope of Supply, Time and Value of Supply
  2. Registration and Migration Process (Online Process)
    1. Mandatory / Voluntary Registration
    2. Casual and Non-Resident Registration
    3. Amendment, Cancellation, and Revocation of the Registration process
  3. Understanding of Input Tax Credit
    1. Transfer of Credit
    2. Apportionment of credit and blocked credits
    3. Recovery of Input Tax Credit and Interest thereon
    4. Taking input tax credit in respect of inputs sent for job work
    5. A manner of distribution of credit by Input Service Distributor
  4. GST Return (e-filing process)
    1. Returns Process and matching of Input Tax Credit
    2. A claim of input tax credit and provisional acceptance thereof
    3. Matching, reversal and reclaim of reduction in Output Tax and Input Tax liability
    4. Notice to Return Defaulter, Levy of Late Fees
  5. Refund
    1. Refund in certain cases, Interest on delayed refunds
    2. Consumer Welfare Fund / Utilization of the Fund
  6. Tax deduction at source
  7. Assessment, Audit, Demand & Recovery, Appeals, Review, and Revision

Course Duration: 20 Hours & Fees: Rs. 10,000/- ONLY