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Online ROC Return Filing

What is Annual Compliance Filing for Companies and their due dates?

As a part of Annual Filing, Companies are required to file the following e-Forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC): <

What is the penalty imposed if a Pvt. Ltd Co. fails to file an annual return on time?

If a Company fails to comply with the provisions of filing with RoC, then the Company and every officer who is in default shall be punishable with a fine for the period for which default continues.

What are the various events in which compliance with ROC is required?

Given below is the list of few events in which compliance with ROC is required:

Change in Authorized/ Paid-up Capital of the Company.
Allotment of new shares/transfer of shares/invitation to subscribe for shares.
An issue of shares to the Directors/employees of the Company.
Subdivision of face value of the shares of the Company.
Investment in share / other securities.
Change in composition of the Board of Directors.
Appointment of Managing / whole time Directors.
Entering into new business / Partnership.
Alteration of memorandum and articles of association of the company.
Amalgamation of the Company with other company.
Shifting the registered office of the Company from one place to other.
Appointment or change of the Statutory Auditors of the Company.

What are annual compliance for LLPs and their due dates?

Following Annual Filing for LLPs are required to be filed with the RoC:

Form 8- 30th October
Form 11- 30th May

Which form needs to be filed for Appointment of Auditors?

E-form ADT-1 shall be filed for appointment or change in auditors.

How can Dp Accounting and Taxation Services help in the above ROC compliances?

Dp Accounting and Taxation Services offers an “Amend your business” service for these purposes. When a company or LLP operates, there may come lots of situations wherein specific reporting to the various Government Departments are required. For eg: resignation of a director or designated partner, an increase of authorized capital, re-issue and re-allotment of shares, transfer of shares, change of registered office, etc. Often businesses are not aware of these reporting formalities and fail to comply with the same. Dp Accounting and Taxation Services are providing Roc Filing service in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.