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Income Tax Return Filing.

In India, taxes on income is governed by the Income Tax Act, 1961 which covers within its ambit various provisions , rules and regulations for determination of taxable income, payment of taxes, filing of returns, assessment of income etc. Correct determination and timely payment of Income Tax and subsequent filing of Income Tax Returns is very essential in order to avoid interest and penalties.At DP Accounting & Taxation Services in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, we provide you with personalised tax consultancy services. We devote time to understand your needs and requirements to find best possible solutions based upon our experience and domain knowledge. Our tax consultancy services extend for Residents as well as Non-Residents including Foreign Companies. DP Acccounting & Taxation Services relieves you from tedious schedules by taking charge of the compliances completely and making your business hassle free.


Income Tax Services


What is Tax Return Filing ?

DP Accounting & TaxationSericvces provides expert services for correct and timely filing of your return and also takes care of your income tax file at every stage till the assessment is complete.


What is Tax Planning ?

We will analyse your taxes based on your current income and would suggest ways to save more taxes. This would assist you in making tax saving investments as well as Tax planning.


What is Income Tax Refunds ?

It is frustrating to wait to get your money back when you have paid your taxes on time. We will help you in processing your return and getting refund from the Income Tax Department.


How will get PAN/TAN ?

PAN is mandatory while filing Income tax Returns and TAN is mandatory while filing your TDS / TCS Returns. We assist you in getting a PAN/TAN in 10-15 days, subject to processing time.


What is Digital Signature/ EVC ?

Signing your return electronically with a digital signature enables quick filing of your return. It is mandatory in some cases as well. We can get you your DSC in less than 2 days.


What is Rectifications ?

If you have committed any mistake in respect of any details provided in the return, then you have the option of rectifying the same. We ease this tedious process by communicating with the department on your behalf.


Tax Queries

If You are not sure of deductions to claim resulting into payment of unnecessary taxes or not sure of tax saving investments, Our experts will satisfy your queries in the simplest manner possible and guide you along thoroughly.


How will help you in NRI Taxation ?

Non – Resident Individuals and Persons of Indian Origin are extremely concerned about issues like taxation of their income from India, sale and purchase of properties in India and outside, FEMA and RBI Compliances and such other issues. Get All NRI Taxation Issues resolved by availing our “NRI Taxation” Services

What is Income Tax Return Filing Procedure ?

1 Working Day

Get in touch with our expert and you will be briefed about all the details and documents required for filling the return. Our expert will collect all the documents and ensure free communication with you for any further query.


2 Working Days

We shall prepare the return based on the information provided by you and send you the same for approval at your end.


2 Working Days

Once you approve your return and taxes are paid, we will file the return with the government along with the forms required to be filed, if any. The acknowledgement of the same will be sent to you in your e-mail address along with return, balance sheet and computation.We will assist you if any demand arises or any Notice is issued to you by tax authorities. Our Team of Taxation Expert will help in assessment of your income. You can ask for any of the papers like acknowledgement, return, balance sheet, capital account and computation in future.

How “Dp Accounting & Taxation Services” will help you in filing Of Income Tax Return?

DP Accounting & Taxation Service will always touch with you for updating news of Income Tax. Our Team will guide you to file income tax return filing. Our fees will be starting from Rs.199/- onwards.